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Duplo LEGO Mega Train Set 10506  10507  10508

Duplo LEGO Mega Train Set 10506  10507  10508
10508 Jigsaw 134 pieces Size (mm) 583 x 154 x 477  10507 - 52 pieces. Size (mm): 96 x 281 x 538  10506. 24 pieces Size (mm) 281 x 261 x 99 a universe of fun and voltage. Transport stones with the train set. With the railway Super Set and its cool and contemporary train all your wishes come true. The tank engine with real sound effects lock. Climbing A Sync and Charge the quarry to the carriages. The brand new DUPLO Zugsets are here and have a lot of fun on board. The motorised train. numerous tracks and colourful as provide hours of fun and games in a cheerful and exciting new world for manufacturing. With the rail system. the fun to be now even in buildings. A train of the cross/Cross Rail without original retail packaging (where packaging is applicable) - Packaged in a ziplock bag.
LEGO® DUPLO® Railway
Building stones stones plastic

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